[kde-linux] Kmail and Kwallet

Trent Shea trentshea at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 20:31:41 UTC 2010

On Saturday 23 January 2010 13:13:53 Beso wrote:
> Is there a way to reconfigure it without reinitialize
> completely kmail by deleting config and apps relative folders and files?
> I'm using kde 4.3.4.

You can try .kde/share/apps/kwallet/kdewallet.kwl and see if it's recreated 
for you, otherwise there's probably a way through the kwallet gui, but I don't 
have it installed.

If the above doesn't work there may be files in .kde/share/config/kwallet

I'd really just try moving them for now, maybe add a .orig suffix, that way you 
can put the originals back if something doesn't work, but when I move these 
files around new defaults are just created.

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