[kde-linux] Problems with KAddressBook KDE-4.3.4

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 9 11:44:22 UTC 2010

On Friday 08 January 2010 21:26:19 Dr. Edgar Alwers wrote:
> Hi Anne, Duncan, KIevin,
> > I've been using my old addressbook with KDE SC4 since 4.0, so in that
> > 
> >  sense, no it isn't.  However, to get the right answer for this we
> >  definitely need more detail, as there have been rapid changes over the
> >  last few weeks.  So -
> > 
> > Which distro?  Do you have Akonadi running?  If so have you looked at the
> > Akonadi configuration console? If Akonadi is not involved in this we may
> > 
> >  need a whole different batch of questions.  If it is, you should have
> >  backup files - they are created automatically, and have been for years -
> >  from which we will be able to restore functionality.
> sorry for the delay, I was out of home for the last days.
> Well, first, I am not a distro, I did compile all from the scratch. Akonadi
> is not running. Just the address book browser, version 4.3 using
> kde-4.3.4. As I wrote, importing old files from KDE-3.5 or copying them
> just works. All fine, until I shutdown and restart again the system. Then,
> only five to six from 96 addresses show up.
> I assumed a corrupt imported file and decided to start a new kaddress kde-4
> book.  I erased /home/kde4/.kde4/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf ( and all other
> std.vcf__x ) and started entering addresses in the address book browser,
> one after the other. Everything OK. Shutting down the browser and
> restarting it also OK. Then, shutdown of the system, restart: only 30 to
> 35 from 70 records match. Shutdown again and restart: only 15 records.,
> and so on. Finally, only 2 (!) records remained.
> This is happening on two machines, running kde-4.3.4.
> I did not enter all fields for each address. Partly, I only entered name
> and e-mail. Perhaps, the file is becoming corrupt due to this: empty
> fields are not beeing handled correctly. But this is an assumption without
> background.
> I am afraid, this could be a bug. At least, I do not know what I could  do
> in a different way.
> To make it clear: I only need to reimport my backup file each time I need
> kaddressbook and I can work. Also I can rename std.vcf__x to std.vcf. That
> is not the question
> Any suggestions ?

It's difficult to guess what's happening.  Certainly it's not normal 
behaviour.  I've never imported my addresses - just copying the file when 
necessary has always been enough, and I do have entries that contain only a 
name and email address.  Nothing you describe has ever happened to me, in 
either Mandriva or Fedora, so I'd rule out a KMail bug as such, but you 
certainly have at least one problem, and probably two.

First - why do only a sub-set of records display?  It's almost as though some 
filter is being employed.  Have you noticed any pattern in what is displayed 
or omitted?

Second - why are your changes not being saved?  That sounds almost as though 
there is a permissions problem?  I wonder if the records go into /tmp before 
being finally committed?  Just casting around, but I know that selinux, for 
instance, has had problems with that one with regard to much of KDE user work.

It seems to be implied, but not actually stated, so I will ask the obvious.  
You have tried adding an addressbook and simply pointing it to the existing 
std.vcf?  That should be all that's needed.

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