[kde-linux] kmail - turn off html?

David J Iannucci xqryvahkzy at punchcutter.ml1.net
Thu Jan 7 02:12:02 UTC 2010

> But I also think that the subsequent inquiry has had the effect of
> "hijacking" the original thread.  We have branched from "K-Mail
> features regarding HTML messages" to "E-Mail Security Issues in a
> Linux Environment and in the world"!

I'll continue the thread with an attempt to bring it back to something
more on-topic.

First let me say that while I hold the typical geek attitude of
"HTML Mail Considered Harmful", I accept it and could not survive by
simply deleting all the HTML-only mail I get. Usually I'll even
display HTML rather than plaintext in cases where both formats are
included, just because it's a lot easier to read (although I rarely
include remote content).

I wanted to say that I'm happy with the way Kmail handles HTML with one
exception.  I often surf around my email, up and down, and one thing
Kmail doesn't do that it really ought to is REMEMBER what format I
(last) chose to display a given message in!  If I've clicked on the
security banner in a message to display the HTML, it should (darn well)
remember that at least for the current session.  If I've clicked to
display remote content, it should remember that as well.  I can't stand
having to click again and again if I happen to surf away from a message,
and then back to it.

This just seems like common sense to me. I would NOT consider it a
"security feature" that I am being made to "decide" again each time what
format to display.  Isn't there anyone else who is driven crazy by this?

There, I've said my piece :-) I hope a developer or two is reading.


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