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jim jimtrish at att.net
Sun Jan 3 06:29:17 UTC 2010

On Friday, 2010-01-01, falkengeist at surfbest.net wrote:
> Not sure if this is the correct forum or not.  I couldn't find
> anything specifically dealing with kppp.  If I'm in the wrong place,
> please give me some direction.  If I'm in the right place, please
> give me some help.
> I'm currently using Xandros Linux, it's KDE/Deb for those of you not
> familiar with it.  I think it's great, and I've been using it for
> years.  Unfortunately, I understand that it will no longer be
> offered, and it actually hasn't been updated in 3 years.  This has
> caused some issues with current hardware drivers, especially CD/DVD.
> I want to move on to something that's current and updated on a
> regular basis.  I've tried Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva, Mepis, and
> Kubuntu.  I have the same problem with everyone.

Ive been using kppp with Red Hat 6-9, and Fedora 2-11 for about 9 years.
My current modem is U.S.Robotics 56K serial (ttyS0). My ISP is ATT. The
only problem ive had is with the authentication protocol. Att uses CHAP,
and their instructions were close, but not exact. Took some fiddling
to get it to work properly. With an incorrect authentication file
(chap-secrets), the modem would behave as you describe.
You might also set up some debug stuff if you havent already.
What I did was add the following to /etc/syslog.conf:
    daemon.*    /var/log/pppmsg
    local2.*       /var/log/pppmsg
and added 'debug' to /etc/ppp/options file.

I then used tail -f /var/log/pppmsg to monitor the log file while
I started kppp.

jim phelps

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