[kde-linux] Re: KDE on high resolution monitor

yahoo-pier_andreit pier_andreit at yahoo.it
Sun Dec 12 11:53:38 UTC 2010

Il 08/12/2010 11:31, Duncan ha scritto:
> yahoo-pier_andreit posted on Wed, 08 Dec 2010 09:04:55 +0100 as excerpted:
>> I have a dell latitude with intel i7 nvidia NVS 3100M and screen
>> 1920x1080 resolution, using KDE 4.4 stable suse, well with high
>> resolution monitor I found some problem usng kde:

> 1. General kde font dimensions.  You mention changing these, but there's 
> actually two ways to change them, and you don't mention which you are 
> using.
> You can of course change the individual font sizes, OR, you can change the 
> DPI (dots/pixels per inch), using the force fonts DPI setting.  Since font 
> sizes are measured in points, 72 points to the inch (thus, 72 DPI, 1 
> pt=1/72 inch), changing the computer's (really xorg's) idea of the DPI 
> changes how big a font configured to say size 8, really is.  If you tell 
> xorg that your DPI is really high, it'll use more pixels to draw a font at 
> the same font size (points), compared to if you tell it that your DPI is 
> really low.  Since the real pixels on screen remain the same size as long 
> as you continue using the same resolution, forcing the DPI artificially 
> high (higher than it actually is) makes fonts appear bigger at the same 
> point size, since xorg uses more pixels to draw them because it believes 
> it has to to make them the proper size -- you've faked it out!

I tryed changing individual font size and the result was big fonts in
small cases.
I tryed to change also dpi in the KDE utility, using 120, 96 and
disable, no real enhancement on usability

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