[kde-linux] Sound notifications in Configure Desktop

Thomas Taylor linxt at comcast.net
Mon Apr 26 06:32:00 UTC 2010

Is it possible to turn off ALL sound notifications in the "Configure Desktop >
Notifications" with a single mouse click or keyboard shortcut?  

I do a lot of testing with various distros and really would like to be able to
turn off all the sound notifications for each without turning off the audio
(still want music).  Currently I have to go through the whole list of
applications in notifications and manually turn off each "play a sound" check

I do a lot of my work late at night and don't want the family disturbed by all
the noises.  Surely some other people have this problem.  There should be some
SIMPLE way to do this.

PowerDevil and ktorrent are especially bad at this, everything has all the
bells & whistles clanging.

Tom Taylor - retired penguin
openSuSE 11.3-M5 x86_64
KDE 4.4.2, FF 3.6

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