[kde-linux] Akonadi problems

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 17 12:25:55 UTC 2010

On Friday 16 April 2010 15:31:37 Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers wrote:
> Hi Kevin, Hi Duncan,
> thanks a lot for your comments and hints.
> > Can you determine which Akonadi resource is crashing?
> Yes. According to KDE-Crash Handler it is "akonadi_maildir_resource".
> Signal 6 ( aborted ). The box disappeares after I remove the "mail.dir"
> resorce in Akonadi-console.
> However I get a lot of "akonadi_maildir" activities shown by "system
> activity" and corresponding much akonadi resources shown in
> akonadi-console, until I rename "akonadi_maildir_resource" in
> /opt/kde4/bin.
It's probably trying to do the impossible.  KMail is not yet released in an 
akonadi-compatible form, so it probably makes no sense to have the maildir 
resource enabled.

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