[kde-linux] Korganizer no longer opens from system tray

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 9 18:17:54 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 09 September 2009 18:26:15 AG wrote:
> Hello
> Some help please: I am running KDE4.3.1 on an up-to-date GNU/Linux
> Debian Testing (codename Squeeze) box.  In GNOME however, I have
> Korganizer minimised to my system tray/ panel and although reminders pop
> up and can be edited, I cannot open Korganizer from the panel itself to
> add/ edit reminders.  In other words, I can launch the app from the menu
> and CLI, but cannot access it once it has launched and is minimised to
> the panel/ system tray.
> There are no obvious settings involved and, as noted, it works fine in
> terms of reminder pop ups, which once the reminder window is there, I
> can then access the Calendar and edit entries.
> Is this a bug or is it unique to my set up?
It's not altogether clear, but what you are describing sounds like korgac, not 
korganizer.  From the man page:

korgac runs in the background and handles displaying alarms from the 
KOrganizer calendar.

Have you tried launching korganizer?

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