[kde-linux] different desktop wallpapers

sc toothpik at swbell.net
Mon Sep 7 19:06:59 UTC 2009

my distro is suse 11.1, having recently upgraded from 10.2

when i upgraded suse i went with the newest stable KDE, 4.2.1, if 
i remember correctly, from what had been 3.5.something

i was scandalized to learn that the new KDE restricted the user 
to one wallpaper for all desktops, no matter how many desktops he 

thinking surely many people would have complained about this so 
the newest new KDE must allow different wallpapers for different 
desktops, so i added the KDE Factory to my list of YaST 
repositories and proceeded to upgrade KDE to 4.3.1

but still i am allowed one and only one wallpaper that is used by 
all desktops

will this change soon?

is there a workaround?  (i've seen postings implying "activities" 
are an approximation, but it seems every activity posting is one 
about how obtuse and unpredictable they are)


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