[kde-linux] Locking widgets doesn't work correctly

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Sep 2 00:08:24 UTC 2009

Anne Wilson posted on Tue, 01 Sep 2009 20:00:59 +0100 as excerpted:

> OK, so now I understand a bit better.  I wonder if there's more than one
> issue here, though.  This 'jumping about' - Connie, could it be that you
> are seeing the result of a sort order?  By default the application icons
> on the taskbar are sorted alphabetically.  I didn't like this, and found
> a way to change it. Unfortunately, at this moment I can't remember how
> it was done.  I'll look into that tomorrow and report back.
> I haven't tried controlling things by using spacers.  I did find that
> I'm happier with the panel set to show two rows for open applications. 
> Don't know whether that will help Connie or not.

The taskbar bit, including rows of applications, I don't have to worry 
about, since I don't use a taskbar. =:^)  Alt-tabbing with box-switch, 
and having the edges of my screen set to: top:desktop-grid, left:present-
windows-all-desktops, bottom:present-windows-current-desktop, and 
right:show-dashboard [1] is enough for me.  Since present-windows 
presents minimized windows as if they aren't, and so does box-switch, and 
desktop-grid displays windows on other virtual desktops but not minimized 
windows, that gives me all windows without the need for a taskbar.

Of course it also means that I get /quite/ lost if I disable compositing. 
=:^(  Oh, well... (OpenGL is disabled for kwin entirely here, as with 
dual monitors, the desktop's too big for my older graphics card to handle 
it in 3D mode, but it works very well with composite... now that I 
figured out how to tweak effects to reduce performance issues, anyway.)

So anyway, I tend to forget all about the taskbar as such.  But I took 
Connie's mention of the taskbar to be meant in the MS Windows sense of 
the entire panel ordinarily containing the start/kickoff/whatever menu, 
the /actual/ taskbar (displaying a box for each window or set of 
windows), the system tray, and whatever else someone might put on it.  
And with the mention of customizing icons and spacers and etc, that 
seemed to be the case.  Of course it's also possible she had in mind the 
actual taskbar, as well, and in any case, it seems you've already helped 
a couple other people with your comment, so it's all good! =:^)


[1] Show-dashboard is on the right instead of present-windows-current-
desktop, paralleling that of present-windows-all-desktops on the left, 
because I'm running dual monitors stacked, with an activity on each 
monitor, so if I'm going to use an edge for show-dashboard, it has to be 
right or left, the edges to which both activities are adjacent.  
Otherwise, I'd only be able to show the dashboard for the adjacent 
activity, the bottom one if I put it on the bottom, which would be most 
intuitive for me otherwise.

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