[kde-linux] akonadi eats diskspace

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue Sep 1 23:26:49 UTC 2009

Maximilian B. Rost posted on Tue, 01 Sep 2009 21:41:08 +0200 as excerpted:

> Debian Squeeze
> KDE 4
> akonadi
> Hello,
> after trying KDE 4 we found out that akonadi takes up to 150 MB and
> more per user.
> Having 1200 users this comes up to 200 GB and more.
> Is there a way of keeping this .local/share/akonadi smaller?

I'm not sure how much this'll help, as I'm running Gentoo, with its far 
greater sysadmin control on exactly what features get supported (thru the 
use of USE flags) and thus dependencies pulled in, etc, than tends to be 
practical for binary based distributions.  But FWIW...

With my initial kde4 experiments, I found similar, tho I'm not sure how 
much was akonadi and how much something else, nepomuk, soprano, 
whatever.  I've not noticed it being so bad lately, but that's at least 
in part because I have as much of the new semantic desktop etc turned off 
as possible.

I run Gentoo, where (as mentioned) it's actually possible to turn some of 
it off, tho as it gets integrated further, I'm not sure if that'll remain 
the case, I had to turn some back on for 4.3.0, but there's still some 
off.  Current status:

akonadi: not installed
akonadi-server: installed as required by kdepimlibs, which in turn is 
required by a /bunch/ of stuff, including kmail and thus kontact (tho I 
don't have kontact installed, just kmail), akregator, koffic-libs, plasma-
workspace if the rss USE flag is enabled, ktorrent with rss, 
kaddressbook, etc.

soprano: now installed.  This is the one I had to add back in for 4.3.0, 
IIRC, as it's needed by akonadi-server, tho if I'm not mistaken, it's 
actually disabled as I have neither the redland nor raptor USE flags and 
therefore engines enabled, and I got a warning to that effect on 
installation.  But AFAIK akonadi-server just links against it, as I've 
not had any problems I know of due to missing data engines.

nepomuk: not installed

strigi: installed.  Dependency of kdelibs, thus of anything kde4.

I have the semantic-desktop USE flag turned off, and everything else 
turned off (akonadi USE flag, etc) that I can in that regard, and I've 
not seen my /home partition space being eaten like it was.  FWIW, 150 MB 
is tiny, I think it must have used half a gig or more here, perhaps a gig 
(single user), before I ran out of room on the partition and started 
investigating.  I don't know what all it indexes or otherwise spends all 
that space on, but I know I'm not missing it!

I also don't have the full kde installed, only the selected packages I'm 
likely to use and their direct dependencies.  I thus don't have most of 
the syncing stuff from kdepim installed, for instance.  Nepomuk and 
akonadi are obviously dependencies of packages or features I can do 
without and don't have installed or turned on.

With the whole bit as disabled as possible, so far, so good.  I've not 
seen /home usage increasing to no apparent benefit at all, as I was 

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