[kde-linux] Goodbye

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 19:26:03 UTC 2009

Rajko M. wrote:
> On Sunday 15 November 2009 05:19:54 John Layt wrote:
>> There's plenty of reports of KDE4 running 
>> fine on 512Mb, and even 256Mb without much tweaking. 
> Let me add one more :)
> Limiting memory in use to 128 MB I expected very slow computer as it would use 
> a lot of swap. The fact is that it used a lot of swap, but applications were 
> responsive. Slight lag to reload apps in RAM and then run just as with 1.5 GB 
> RAM. 
> More of the problem is something else that is within KDE4.
> I can confirm the Werner's report about the lag of cca 1 sec between mouse 
> click and actually something happening. With some lightweight window manager 
> and the same KDE4 applications system is snappy. 
> IMHO, having modern DE that is using all the power of a graphic hardware 
> should give advantage to old barely maintained window managers, but I can't 
> see that. 
> My hardware is old (Athlon 1500, 1,5 GB RAM, 256 MB FX 5200 PCI), but it is 
> the same for KDE4 and ICEwm. So problem is not hardware, but software. 

I have that video card too.  Chaintech FX-5200 but with 128Mb of ram.  
Mine does OK but I'm not into a lot of games and stuff.  KDE 4 does make 
it work tho.  I have a slide show for my background and it takes a few 
seconds for it to change since it does that fade thing.  That makes 
everything else not respond while it plays with that. 


:-)  :-) 

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