[kde-linux] Goodbye

Rajko M. rmatov101 at charter.net
Sun Nov 15 19:08:08 UTC 2009

On Sunday 15 November 2009 05:19:54 John Layt wrote:

> There's plenty of reports of KDE4 running 
> fine on 512Mb, and even 256Mb without much tweaking. 

Let me add one more :)

Limiting memory in use to 128 MB I expected very slow computer as it would use 
a lot of swap. The fact is that it used a lot of swap, but applications were 
responsive. Slight lag to reload apps in RAM and then run just as with 1.5 GB 

More of the problem is something else that is within KDE4.
I can confirm the Werner's report about the lag of cca 1 sec between mouse 
click and actually something happening. With some lightweight window manager 
and the same KDE4 applications system is snappy. 

IMHO, having modern DE that is using all the power of a graphic hardware 
should give advantage to old barely maintained window managers, but I can't 
see that. 

My hardware is old (Athlon 1500, 1,5 GB RAM, 256 MB FX 5200 PCI), but it is 
the same for KDE4 and ICEwm. So problem is not hardware, but software. 

Regards, Rajko

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