[kde-linux] Goodbye

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Sun Nov 15 07:58:54 UTC 2009

Am Saturday 14 November 2009 23:16:28 schrieb David J Iannucci:
> I thought one of the "hype points" about 4.x was that the code base was
> significantly rewritten to be smaller-footprint, faster, stabler, more
> efficient for older hardware.  Was this just a load of c**p?

I would not go so far to back this assumption :)
seriously, I'm convinced that the kde devs did a good job w.r. to 
rewrite/re-design/improve the code base.
from what I've seen, the new buildsystem (cmake) alone is far ahead from the 
old autotools** stuff (which I never really understood in terms of beeing 
able to fix things in case something breaks).

however, I've come to the conclusion that the underlying qt4 is the real 
culprit, responsable for the unacceptable responsiveness on older graphics 
(one indication here is the behaviour of arora, web browser built on top of 
qt4, running inside my kde3 env - and it tends to be comparable sluggish than 
a whole kde4 desktop on the same machine).
I'm sure the trolls at nokia would be able to confirm this, but of course, 
they never will admit that.


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