[kde-linux] KDM4 default.desktop SUSE 11.1

Michael Janczyk mj0 at uni-freiburg.de
Mon Nov 9 16:40:20 UTC 2009

Hi Erich

Thanks for the answer. Because it's a few weeks ago the problem again:

erich.klose at networld.at schrieb:
> Zitat von Michael Janczyk <mj0 at uni-freiburg.de>:

>> I have a question regarding default.desktop. I don't know if it is
>> really supported, but if one placed a file called dafault.desktop
>> somewhere in the SessionsDir (/usr/share/xsessions) this Session is
>> chosen if no session selected otherwise. This workes for KDM with
>> versions 3.x and it works with KDM4 from Ubuntu 9.04. Somehow KDM4 from
>> SUSE 11.1 seems to ignore this. Since we work with many unexperienced
>> end users we use this option for a selector session in which a chooser
>> is started. So we force them to choose. Without this option we would
>> have to train all our users to use the sessions button which we really
>> do not want. We would appreciate any help. BTW: The default session is
>> displayed in the menu but not chosen :(.

> As I know about suse the store it in /etc/sysconfig/....
> But the easy way is use Yast.
> You should go for System--Editor for /etc/sysconfig--Desktop.(I translate it to
> english because I use german Desktop.)

I tested it local and it works the first time. When no session is
selected, it reads the default from sysconfig/windowmanager. If
/usr/share/xsessions/default.desktop exists it reads from that. The next
time this session is opened again besause is it marked (previous). If I
choose gnome or kde, it will be saved as (previous). If I delete
/home/$USER/.dmrc I can use the default session again ;).

Now to my Problem: We use NFSv4 mounts for HomeDirs. So KDM can't get
previous session from /home/$USER/.dmrc. But it gets a previous session
even if there doesn't exist one. When a previous session is selected the
default entry is omitted. So I need to get this version of KDM to not
use the previous session or to behave as all other versions which simply
do not select a previous session if they can't read in
/home/$USER/.dmrc. And where does it get the previous session anyway
(randomize, hash of $USER ;))? Feature or bug?

Best regards

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