[kde-linux] KDE 4. Trying to get it working like I need it to.

Andreev Sergei seajey.serg at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 12:20:19 UTC 2009

> I set it up sort of like in the old KDE.  I edited the menu so that it
> would run as root when I click on Dolphin in the menu.  Basically, when
> I click on Dolphin in the K menu, it pops up a box and asks for the root
> password then opens up.  That part is just like in the old KDE.  I can
> access my root directory so it is running as root.  It just won't open
> anything.  I should have tried a picture and a pdf or something too but
> I didn't think about it at the time.  I do have dbus running tho.  I
> checked that just to make sure.

Try to run Dolphin with 

kdesudo dolphin


kdesudo dbus-launch dolphin

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