[kde-linux] Another KDE 4.x print problem?

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 12:18:39 UTC 2009

Duncan wrote:
> Esben Mose Hansen posted on Tue, 03 Nov 2009 11:50:46 +0100 as excerpted:
>> For my money, you are looking for something a lot more stable than
>> Gentoo. I'd suggest running Debian stable, or perhaps Redhats
>> "enterprise" branch. I think you'd be happier there.
> Ummm... I think not!  I'm on gentoo ~arch (unstable) and testing stuff 
> before it even gets in the main gentoo tree at times for a reason -- I 
> like leading, even bleeding, edge.
> That's rather the point.  I'm running gentoo, and a full kde4 now, 
> /because/ I like leading/bleeding edge.  kde4 at 4.3 is pretty much the 
> ideal time to cut over for people like me, those that actually like the 
> sometimes bleeding edge, and are willing to deal with the issues it 
> entails.  But 4.2 (even the last 4.2.4 which is when I got serious about 
> the switch) was significantly stretching it, and I'd have waited for 4.3 
> or even 4.4 if upstream kde3 support wasn't being dropped and "little" 
> stuff like being able to compile it with the latest gcc and against the 
> latest libs, and "little" things like security, becoming potential 
> issues.  It was those "little" things that pushed me to kde4, while it 
> was still rather early to switch even for someone who usually runs 
> bleeding edge stuff and is accustomed to (and appreciates the challenge 
> of) finding fixes and workarounds for all the broken stuff.
> The biggest problem, therefore, isn't folks like me that are accustomed 
> to working with bleeding edge, but those who want it to "just work", 
> which is what kde has pretty much claimed for kde4, from 4.2.  If people 
> like me are having problems, $DEITY help the folks who just want what 
> they run to work.
> Even then, the issues with kde4 wouldn't be as big a problem if kde3 was 
> continuing to be properly maintained for both security and with/against 
> newer compilers and system libs.  It does seem the situation isn't as 
> drastic as it was initially turning out to be, with kde3 support 
> apparently continuing due to KDAB sponsorship and etc, but apparently 
> it's not at a level the major distributions seem to be comfortable with, 
> as they're starting to drop it.  And the major distributions are exactly 
> the types of places that these "ordinary users" are likely to be getting 
> their kde, so if they're dropping it, from the user perspective, it's 
> disappearing.

I have to say that I agree with a lot of this.  For me, KDE 4 is just
not quite there yet but it is making progress.  I'm not really
complaining about KDE 4 not being ready but the fact that KDE 3.5 is not
being maintained while KDE 4 *GETS* ready.  KDE 4 will be there pretty
soon.  I'm thinking in 6 months KDE 4.5 will be out and be really really
really nice.  We just have to use KDE 3.5 until that time comes is all. 

I sort of feel like I am having KDE 4 shoved at me or forced to use it
even tho it is not ready because of the simple fact that KDE 3.5 is
being dropped to soon. 

I'm a Gentoo user as well.  I'm in the process of upgrading KDE right
now.  I'm compiling 85 out of 249 packages as I type.

root at smoker / # emerge -uvDNp world | genlop -p
These are the pretended packages: (this may take a while; wait...)

Estimated update time: 8 hours, 26 minutes.
root at smoker / #

I'm looking forward to seeing what all has been added and fixed.  Hurry
up and compile already.  lol 


:-)  :-) 

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