[kde-linux] Another KDE 4.x print problem?

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Tue Nov 3 08:10:52 UTC 2009

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> On Monday 02 November 2009 12:36:38 david wrote:
>> I believe Debian Etch still comes with KDE 3.5.9 or 3.5.10. At least the
>> one on my file server has never offered to upgrade KDE to 4.x anything ...
> Etch is oldstable now.  I think security support runs out for it toward the 
> beginning of next year.  Only security-related bugs justify a new package 
> version; no new upstream versions.  IIRC, it's still 3.5.5 or something 
> ancient. ;)
> Lenny is stable now.  It contains a mix of 3.5.9 and 3.5.10.  Unless there is 
> an announcement to the contrary, security support should be available until 
> roughly a year after the release of Squeeze.  Both security-related and 
> release-critical bugs can justify a new package version, although new upstream 
> versions are not allowed.

Running Lenny on the laptop right now (I forgot that I had switched the 
repositories when they froze Lenny and moved it to stable).

Sidux on the desktop machine is in update limbo right now - I tried 
Sidux' idea of updating to KDE4 and got a non-working system. Probably 
will have to install a new Sidux to make it work. The desktop PC is the 
only one that has video hardware sufficient to run KDE4's eye candy.

My fileserver is happily running Etch. It's not exposed to the internet 
and used only for file storage. And (to tell you the truth) it doesn't 
really need to have KDE or any other GUI desktop on it ...

> Squeeze is testing now.  It contains KDE 4.x packages and is fairly regularly 
> updated with 4.x.1 and 4.x.3 releases coming from uploads to unstable.  These 
> packages are no support for being installed simultaneously with non-library 
> KDE 3.x packages, so it is not possible to have both KDE 3 and KDE 4 installed 
> on a Debian system using the KDE packages created by the Debian maintainers.  
> When Squeeze is released, it will not contain any non-library KDE 3 packages.

Another good reason to avoid KDE4, in my opinion. There's no reason to 
drop KDE3 packages, particularly of apps that haven't been ported to 
KDE4 and might not ever be.

> Upload to unstable are virtually unrestricted and the automated migration will 
> pull them into testing once their dependencies can be satisfied if they do not 
> introduce bugs after some period of time.

I used to run the laptop on Unstable. It was entertaining. Quite often, 
updating lead to a non-working system. ;-)

> As with all Debian packages, the maintainers are largely dependent on upstream 
> to provide bug fixes for non-packaging-related bugs.  If there's no upstream 
> bug-fixers, the Debian bugs will likely remain unfixed.

Unless it's something where Debian decided to do its own "non-branded" 
version. The only people who can use a "brand" in Debian is Debian. ;-)

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