[kde-linux] Another KDE 4.x print problem?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 2 12:50:22 UTC 2009

On Monday 02 November 2009 11:21:15 Dale wrote:
> Werner Joss wrote:
> > Am Mo, 2.11.2009, 11:14 schrieb Dale:
> >> I want to install
> >> Linux and not have to worry about something not working like it should.
> >> That's why I want to stay with KDE 3.5 for the moment as well.
> >
> > then give debian lenny a try (use the kde cd image) - it comes with a
> > complete kde 3.5, almost any kde 3.5 based programs available via
> > aptitude.
> > works like a charme, here.
> >
> > werner
> I'm already in the process of downloading Mandriva 2008.1 which has KDE
> 3.5.9 installed.  I plan to upgrade it to the last KDE 3.5.x when I get
> it installed, if needed.  I have used Mandrake in the past so I am
> already somewhat familiar with it.  I'm sort of trying to stick to
> something I already know.  Learning Gentoo was enough fun to learn.  ;-)
> Of course, I bet the upgrade process is a LOT easier with Debian lenny.
> The upgrade process is why I left Mandrake years ago.  I went from
> Mandrake 9.1 to 9.2 and it was a mess.
> I'll keep that in mind tho.
Dale 2008.1 is so far out of date, and without any security updates for some 
time now, that he might as well stay with Windows.

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