[kde-linux] Another KDE 4.x print problem?

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 13:17:06 UTC 2009

Duncan wrote:
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> #2 follows from that, and has to do with the fact that they aren't 
> following thru on the very public promise to keep kde3 supported as long 
> as it had users, or more in general (that is, disregarding the promise), 
> keeping the last decently working version, 3.5.9+, fully supported until 
> the new version can properly replace it.  Of course, they say that it 
> does with 4.2, but as I said, that's a huge difference of opinion there, 
> as there's no way I would or could ever even attempt to make that claim, 
> and pretend I still had any integrity at all left.  Yes, I DO feel that 
> strongly about it!  But anyway, the fact is that 4.x is seriously broken 
> in enough areas that it is NOT sufficiently ready for many 3.x users to 
> make the switch, and while I believe 4.4 will at least be arguable to 
> change that (IOW, I expect that I could make that claim personally 
> without losing all respect for my own integrity), I think it'll really 
> happen, in general, with 4.5.  And as long as that's the case, 3.5 should 
> remain supported, but it's not, and this is my second major point of 
> disagreement.
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I agree with keeping KDE 3.5 going for a while longer yet.  I'm a Gentoo
user and have both KDE 3.5 and KDE 4 installed.  I check on KDE 4 after
updates and it is not usable for everything yet.  It just lacks a little
more work before I can switch and not need KDE 3.5.  Bad thing is,
Gentoo is already removing some broken parts of KDE 3.5.  This makes me
think I may have to switch to something else that still has KDE 3.5
support.  If KDE was updating as it promised, Gentoo would keep it until
KDE 4 was ready fully.  That;s one thing about Gentoo, if it is broke,
it is either fixed upstream or removed.  There is not much in between. 

They say it rolls down hill.  I guess us users are getting it this
time.  I wonder what Gnome is like nowadays?


:-)  :-) 

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