[kde-linux] Another KDE 4.x print problem?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 1 11:16:54 UTC 2009

On Saturday 31 October 2009 21:47:39 James Tyrer wrote:
> It appears that Okular (or Qt) uses the information in the EPS file to 
> determine how to print it.  It appears to me that it ignores all 
> settings when printing an EPS.  So, if the paper size isn't set 
> correctly in the file, it isn't going to print correctly.  So, it would 
> appear that the EPS file is either wrong and could be edited or if is 
> for a different size paper and there is nothing that Qt will do about that.
> OTOH, I don't see why there should be a problem with a PNG image.  With 
> GwenView, it is properly centered within the margins using either 
> portrait or landscape.  However, although it made the image smaller to 
> fit in portrait, it would not make it larger (larger than what?) to fit 
> the margins in landscape (same with Okular).
> I note that: GwenView would not properly open my test EPS and Okular did 
> not properly center the JPG image I printed.
> I also have to wonder about the size chosen for the printed JPG.  It 
> appears that Qt scaled the image based on my screen resolution except 
> that because it (improperly) works in mm instead of points when making a 
> PS file it scaled it by .719999 instead of .72 (ARGH! perhaps the 
> preferred conversion values would be a good idea here), and comes up 1 
> point short on the bounding box size in both directions.  Without 
> adequate control of the printed image size, I don't see that the KDE 
> apps are suitable to print images.
This is an intriguing problem.  I created an .eps file that requires landscape 
printing for my experiments.  Okular correctly recognised that it should be 
printed landscape, and it did so, although it was not centered.  Gwenview 
displayed the image correctly, but refused to print it as a landscape image.  
It's possible that this was affected by the fact that the image would just 
about have fitted onto a portrait print, but when in portrait mode the image 
was reduced in size.  In landscape mode the image printed similarly reduced, 
but greatly offset, so that there was a slight loss of data at the right-hand 

If there is any value in using the same file for experiments (perhaps for 
testing whether different versions handle it differently, I'll put up the file 
somewhere for you to use.  It's too big to attach to an email, and reducing it 
would probably negate the experiments.

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