[kde-linux] Konqueror setting +?

Patrick Serru patrick at serru.net
Tue Mar 31 17:51:46 UTC 2009

      Hi every body,

      I hope that I am at the right place to ask tese questions... Anyway, 
it should be allways possible to thank the helpers of that liste, and the 
contributors to the building of KDE which I love (in its flavor 3.x!).

      Since recently, When I ask Konqueror to show the source file of an 
HTML file, it tryes to open KWord instead of KWrite, and KWord displays 
nothing! I had a look to "user" reachable configuration () but without 
Personal settings -> KDE Components -> Component Chooser
 Embedded Text Editor field "Default Component" -> "Embedded Advanced Text 
Editor" No other offer proposed.
Any solution ?

      Since about the same time, but I am not sure at all that it is 
related, KSysGard can not display the core0_Temp due to an error. (An other 
solution ?)

      Yes, I recently upgraded KDE from some 3.5.? (OpenSuse 10.3) to 
3.5.10. running on a Semptron.

      Thank you for any help,

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