[kde-linux] Blank menus and toolbars

Jim Philips philips_jim at bellsouth.net
Thu Mar 26 13:06:52 UTC 2009

Skarphéðinn Gunnarsson wrote:
> HI there
> Sorry for the strange question, But I'm using KDE 4.1.4 and for some strange 
> reason when I use; Open Office 2.4, Amrok nothing can be read in the menus or 
> the tool bars and information windows that pops up are not readable. Using 
> Kmail and Konqueror on the other hand is no problem.
> Secondly 
> Adding plug-ins for Dragon Player or Konqueror How is that done since I 
> thought I had all in good shape but looking at some pictures on the net with 
> Konqueror (4.1.4 I think) and viewing some videos with Dragon player ends with 
> blank image.
This sounds like it's related to your video card. Do you have nVidia? Is
it possible to upgrade to KDE 4.2.1?

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