[kde-linux] Blank screen during bootup kde 3.5.10

Bruce Bales bbales at cox.net
Tue Mar 24 19:49:02 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 24 March 2009 14:03:44 Felix Miata wrote:
> On 2009/03/24 19:03 (GMT+0100) Werner Joss composed:
> > kubuntu is known to revert the mentioned changes when a kernel update
> > arrives, you'll then have to do the same again afterwards.
> *buntu stores the reversions to make in the upper part of menu.lst. If you
> remove splash and quiet from up there in what looks like comments, they
> won't get "reverted".

I guess you mean to modify the line

# defoptions=quiet splash

even though it appears to be commented out?

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