[kde-linux] non KDE linux question

Gaffer. derrick_s at tesco.net
Thu Mar 19 19:59:03 UTC 2009

Hi David,

On Thursday 19 March 2009 09:22, david wrote:
> Hi, Gaffer!
> Thanks for everything below. I think you're right - I think the
> adapters I've tried aren't working. I bought 3, but so far have only
> tried 2. I'll try the third one.
> I got an RMA form from the vendor, so I guess I'll be returning at
> least 2!

I'm not surprised !   You would be astounded at how much brand new 
faulty stuff is kicking about !  I could name at least one vendor that 
quite deliberately supplies bad kit and always small orders, on the 
basis that people won't bother sending an odd small item back.

Best Regards:

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