[kde-linux] 4.2 task bar/panel not working

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Mar 8 03:06:43 UTC 2009

Stephen Constantinou wrote:
> Dear KDE helpers
> I have recently installed Kubuntu 8.10 only to be disappointed by KDE 
> 4.1.  I managed to install 4.2 only to discover that the basic things I 
> was not able to do in 4.1 I still cannot do in 4.2.
> The horizontal strip at the bottom I used to call the task bar 

Call that a 'Panel'.

> consisted 
> of three areas: far left containing the K and quick launch with mostly 
> links to applications; the middle bit where buttons appear for each 
> application that is opened; the system tray where icons to system 
> applets and the time resides.  Now I am sure I am using windows 
> terminology but I hope the description will enable anyone wishing to 
> help to help.
> Those basic things are:

First, to make changes, you need to "Unlock Widgets".  This is on the 
desktop context menu (right click the desktop or panel).

> 1) make shortcuts to applications next to the K

To make a shortcut link, drag from the menu.

> 2) reposition the task bar from the bottom to vertical left

First, right click it and "Remove the Task Manager".

Then you will probably want to create a new vertical panel on the left.

To add the Task Manager, you need to open "Add Widgets.  You should open 
if from the panel that you want to add the widget to.

> 3) I cannot make a widget remain at the far right of the panel
> (what used to be the task bar)

Task bar may be what MS-Windows calls it, but KDE never has -- best to 
try to get the terms correct so that others know what you are talking about.

I fear that your problem is a bug.

> 4) I have also noticed that when applications are open they do not have
> a button in the task bar

Look at Task Manager Settings.

> I could do all these things in KDE 3.5 and I hope this functionality has 
> not been removed.
I did not give detailed instructions.  If you need more details, please ask.


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