[kde-linux] 4.2 task bar/panel not working

Stephen Constantinou stephanos at writeme.com
Sat Mar 7 23:44:57 UTC 2009

Dear KDE helpers

I have recently installed Kubuntu 8.10 only to be disappointed by KDE 
4.1.  I managed to install 4.2 only to discover that the basic things I 
was not able to do in 4.1 I still cannot do in 4.2.

The horizontal strip at the bottom I used to call the task bar consisted 
of three areas: far left containing the K and quick launch with mostly 
links to applications; the middle bit where buttons appear for each 
application that is opened; the system tray where icons to system 
applets and the time resides.  Now I am sure I am using windows 
terminology but I hope the description will enable anyone wishing to 
help to help.

Those basic things are:
1) make shortcuts to applications next to the K
2) reposition the task bar from the bottom to vertical left
3) I cannot make a widget remain at the far right of the panel
(what used to be the task bar)
4) I have also noticed that when applications are open they do not have
a button in the task bar

I could do all these things in KDE 3.5 and I hope this functionality has 
not been removed.

Your help and assistance is appreciated.


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