[kde-linux] A Day in the Life of KDE4.2

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Mar 4 17:23:52 UTC 2009

It is now the evening. My computer zips along. I can almost see these 
characters appear as fast as I can type them in. KMail operations proceed fine 
with ne'er a crash. The system monitor plasmoid shows little CPU activity.

No so in the morning. Boot up and KDE4.2 is slowed to a crawl. I could not be 
typing this in. KMail crashes often when I delete or move email. OK, AM, there 
are a number of cron jobs going but these are niced out of the way. To get 
KDE4.2 to respond at all, I go into yakuake, run top and renice manually 
Akonadi and its children (as previously posted-and would do it eventually if I 
am I am logged in and they have been running long enough). Things still crawl 
but as least the machine reponds. The CPU monitor shows mucho activity.

Only towards afternoon does it all settle down. This does NOT seem dependent 
on whether I remained logged on or logged off and logged on during the course 
of the day.

Something needs be done for KDE usability throughout the day. Maybe more 
akanodi maintanance/syncing could be cron'ed/kcron'd to later in the day. All 
this stuff MUST be niced from go. I am not running nepomuk which is another 
offender (I have recollindex going, niced 19 and do not notice it--krunner 
plugins also do indexing, scanning, and krunner needs to be niced as well). 
The moral, be nice, boy & girls :-)

How might I set this all up?

(I have Debian Sid/KDE4.2 from  running on a PIII clunker.)

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