[kde-linux] KsCD missing a number of its "extra" buttons

AG computing.account at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 13 20:46:37 UTC 2009

KsCD (KDE4) doesn't have several of its buttons by which it can be 
configured.  These include a meaningful configuration option, "extras", 
ways of identifying the CDDB database, etc.

In fact the only options it does have when I right click to configure it 
are configure "which allows me to eject when finished" and "appearance" 
which changes it colour.  The GUI is also one of the biggest and most 
ugly monstrosities I've yet seen for a GUI (is it called "melon"?) and 
I'd love to get it back to the old-style version, so if someone could 

Finally, while it gives me a track listing, KsCD is unable to play/ 
recognise any audio CD in my sata drive (referred to on my box as 
/dev/sr0).  I understand that I need to configure something using one of 
the buttons/ options I don't have.

If someone could lend me a hand please, that would be helpful as I'm not 
even sure what to ask Google for at this point in time that would be 

Many thanks


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