[kde-linux] monitoring konqueror degrading performance

Pol xtekhne at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 15:52:27 UTC 2009

James Richard Tyrer wrote:

>> How to closely monitor konqueror activity, to spot the problem?
> If you open KSysGuard, you will see that if you have multiple instances
> of Konqueror open that if they are all running that sometimes they have
> approximately equal "User%".  This is clearly not what you would want if
> your were designing it.  You are only using one of them at a time.

konqueror instances use approximately the same percentage of the cpu.
> What you would want is for windows to be given priorities based on
> whether they are minimized, whether they were on the current desktop,
> and which one had focus.  

How to do that?

> KWin could do this if it was running with root 
> permissions.

How to check whether KWin is running with root permissions?

> The tab issue might be able to be handled in Konqueror if each tab was
> opened in a thread and they were assigned priorities based on which one
> had focus.
> Another thing that would help would be to have two threads for a
> process.  A small one to accept input and a large one to do the work.

How to do that? 

Thank you for your help


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