[kde-linux] Qt 4.5.2 - no clipboard function

Robin Atwood robin at binro.org
Tue Jul 7 11:47:48 UTC 2009

Recently there was a thread on kde-devel about the intermittent working of 
text-select/copy and how, fairly often, it required two attempts to get the 
text into the clipboard. One developer opined that it was a problem with Qt. 
Well, I just upgraded to Qt 4.5.2 and select/copy completely stopped working! 
I tried both KDE and pure QT apps and none of them worked. Legacy apps like 
xterm worked fine. Reverting to Qt 4.5.1 restored the (intermittent) 
functionality. Has anyone else seen this? If so, this is getting a bit 
ridiculous; it does rather hinder development efforts!

Robin Atwood.

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