[kde-linux] KDE4 issues I would like to fix

jim jimtrish at att.net
Tue Jul 7 01:37:31 UTC 2009

1. This seems to be an old problem based on a long
talk with GOOGLE. I have no  sound after moving
from KDE3.1 -> KDE4.1.2.
The audio apps all seem to be running fine (amarok, KsCD)
the counter increments and the slider moves, but no sound
from the speakers. (audio CD and .wav files).  
I could find no sound test capability like
under 3.1. I assume this issue has been resolved by now, most
of the Google hits were dated 2007 and 2008. Is it one of the
400+ updates my system keeps telling me about?
I only have a 56K dialup connection so cant just apply an

2. All my previous LINUX distros (starting with RedHat 6.0) have
included xterms. (I cant survive without an xterm). So I 
downloaded it with YUM. But I am now in need of some xterm
fonts. Can someone suggest a source?

3. I like to put app icons on the desktop. The KDE4 versions
have a very annoying black tool-bar associated with them. Can
I get rid of it somehow?

I looked in UserBase.kde but was unable to find answers to above.

Thanks for any help,
I think Im going to like KDE4 when I get it all sorted out.


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