[kde-linux] kmail - turn off html?

Bruce MacArthur bmacasuru at fastmail.us
Wed Dec 30 19:32:15 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 30 December 2009 01:15:23 pm tparker at etherstorm.net 
> Is there a way to make kmail just show all messages as plain text and 
> the html tags/source on incoming messages? Right now it shows incoming 
> messages as source and it is a huge pain to read those messages, but I 
am not 
> turning html on. I can't find a setting to have it just show the 
> without all the source coding, am I missing something or is it not 
possible to 
> do?
> Thanks.
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Hello, Parker --

I am not yet aware of the existence of the kind of a setting you are 
describing -- although it sounds like a nice piece of "frosting" for the 
KMail "cake"!

One thing that I have done is to set the side-bar (in the message 
display area) to dark-blue on turquoise for text messages and to white 
on red for HTML messages.  As a pretty solid general rule, I pay special 
attention to those white-and-red-bar messages!  IF the sender is known 
to (and trusted by) me, then I will click on the option to display the 
message -- and even the subsequent one to make hyper-links work!  
Otherwise, the message will be deleted without even being read.

This means that on-list messages which are sent in HTML will be given NO 
attention what-so-ever.  After all, 99% of the list-members are fairly 
decent folks, just like you and me.  But those who are ignorant or 
foolish enough to send HTML just MAY be "dangerous" also; they do not 
deserve to be read, in my own opinion!  On the other hand, I have signed 
up for one E-Mail newsletter (in particular) whose senders I trust 
highly and I ALWAYS read that item (although, since it is extensive, I 
sometimes delay reading it for a while).

Maybe such an approach would work for you -- as second-best to what you 
have requested!

Bruce   Mac Arthur
     bmacasuru at fastmail.us

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