[kde-linux] In KDE4, to set a different background for each of the multiple desktops

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 25 18:00:02 UTC 2009

On 2009/12/25 16:44 (GMT+0100) Werner Joss composed:

> Felix Miata wrote on this English mailing list:

>> About the only things SiS gfx is good for are demonstrating how bad a video
>> chip can perform compared to contemporary competitors

> well, I won't pretend anything else, but it should be noted that
> - the very same machine _flies_ with kde3
> - there are still huge numbers of pc's with comparable specs out there which 
> are now (with kde4) even useless for simple web browsing/email etc.

You did compare apples to apples and not to oranges, right, with Compiz
either disabled in both, or enabled in both?
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