[kde-linux] kde3-was-the-best-ever-and-kde4-is-totally-crap - was: In KDE4, to set a different background for each of the multiple desktops

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Thu Dec 24 09:40:53 UTC 2009

Am Thursday 24 December 2009 10:23:58 schrieb Steven Crooks:
> Having a look at the actual topic (not the one Stan set), i would say,
>  this  thread is as offtopic as it can get.

agreed :)
should have been renamed long ago...

> The initial question was quite simple, it would have taken maybe two or
>  three  answers to "solve" it, but again (and this happens often atm) the
>  thread was hijacked for another
>  "kde3-was-the-best-ever-and-kde4-is-totally-crap" bashing. And everybody
>  is jumping on it...

that is IMO no surprise.
it is a fact that there are many kde3.x users who still don't feel comfortable 
with kde4, for several reasons (which are not necessarily objective).
so, why should they not be able to articulate their frustration on a kde list 
and, as said before, this situation would have been much better if there would 
have been more support for kde3 from the mainstream distros, which is 
obviously not the case.

> I will unsubscibe from this list, i'm fed up with the permanently,
>  (mostly)  pointless bashing. 

why not just ignore those posts ?

>  There is no support here anymore (well, it
>  still is, but a it's very small part).

that depends on topic/common interest.


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