[kde-linux] In KDE4, to set a different background for each of the multiple desktops

Steven Crooks steven at worldofcrooks.org
Thu Dec 24 09:23:58 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 22 December 2009 23:13:50 Stan Goodman wrote:
> In KDE3 this was possible. The background-installation process is very
> similar in KDE4, but the result is that the same background is displayed
> in each of the desktops. Is this a new limitation, or am I missing
> something. I would be grateful for this information, and any other that
> will help me with the kind of desktop that I have had in the past, and
> would like to have again.

Having a look at the actual topic (not the one Stan set), i would say, this 
thread is as offtopic as it can get.
The initial question was quite simple, it would have taken maybe two or three 
answers to "solve" it, but again (and this happens often atm) the thread was 
hijacked for another "kde3-was-the-best-ever-and-kde4-is-totally-crap" 
bashing. And everybody is jumping on it...
I will unsubscibe from this list, i'm fed up with the permanently, (mostly) 
pointless bashing. There is no support here anymore (well, it still is, but a 
it's very small part).

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