[kde-linux] Network Settings

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Tue Dec 22 14:55:41 UTC 2009

On Tuesday, 2009-12-22, James Tyrer wrote:

> $ sudo /sbin/ldconfig -v |grep libsolid.so
>    ibsolid.so.4 -> libsolid.so.4.3.0
> So, solid appears to be installed.

It is part of kdelibs, so if you are using any KDE application it had to be 
there :)

> $ sudo /sbin/pidof NetworkManager
> 1050
> The NetworkManager appears to be running, but to make sure:
> $ sudo /etc/rc.d/init.d/NetworkManager status
> NetworkManager (pid  1050) is running...
> But, it doesn't work.

Do you have nm-system-settings running?

I am not an expert on NetworkManager, but I think this is its utility to get 
system level network configuration.

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