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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Mon Dec 21 09:42:51 UTC 2009

James Tyrer posted on Sun, 20 Dec 2009 23:34:48 -0700 as excerpted:

> This is the "just works" DOESN'T WORK situation again.
> Is there some special trick to get
> System Settings -> Network Settings::Network Settings
> to work?
> First, I ask: Should I have KDE-3 help for this in System Settings in
> KDE-4?
> There is nothing in the "Network interfaces" tab's window despite the
> fact that I have a NIC for "eth0".  The "System Monitor - Network"
> widget finds "eth0" OK.  So, it would appear that I have some things
> configured correctly.

Hmm... I don't even have that module installed here, probably because I 
know I set it up with the system services (init 2 is nonet, tho I do have 
it running stuff like privoxy that doesn't actually break if it doesn't 
have a network, init 3 is net, with ntp, etc, I don't use init 4 and 5, 
but have init 9 setup as a rather barebones but unlike single/1, with 
normal mounts and gpm, of course init 0 and 6 are the standard shutdown 
and reboot) and thus having kde trying to fight system services so 
neither one knows what is going on is NOT a particularly good idea... so 
I just didn't install whatever package it was! =:^)

However, kde 4.3's network setup is known to be rather unworkable for 
many (FWIW 4.2 wouldn't even register eth0 on my machine, apparently 
because it wasn't managed by networkmanager -- so no network monitoring, 
4.3 definitely improved on that! =:^), and I'm seriously considering not 
even really attempting networking, at least not wifi, on the netbook I'm 
just now setting up with Gentoo, until kde 4.4, which is supposed to 
FINALLY have decent GUI network setup support.

FWIW, someone posted a very informative link, either here or in the 
kde.general group (gmane's list2group gateway), recently.  It was to a 
blog post on what's up and why it doesn't yet work in 4.3.  Just another 
reason that 4.3 isn't ready for normal, ordinary /user/ use, despite the 
claims of the kde folks since 4.2. (Tho since the kde sc announcement, 
it's clear they're no longer targeting ordinary users, but devs, and 
indeed, the claim can at least be sanely defended if it's taken to target 
devs, NOT users.)

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