[kde-linux] Unpopulated Control-Center window

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Dec 2 19:49:55 UTC 2009

Esben Mose Hansen wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 December 2009 10:18:16 david wrote:
>>> Change for the sake of change and novelty. Even Microsoft tries to 
>>> maintain consistency.
>> "Change for the sake of change is the motto of the cancer cell." - 
>> Edward Abbey
> I suppose you eat the same meal every day? ;) (And the bit about cancer cells 
> is wrong.. cancer cells doesn't change any more than any other cell, they just 
> reproduce unchecked).

Normal cells don't reproduce unchecked. Cancer cells reproduce unchecked 
because they have changed.

> It is one of the sad facts of life that a change, no matter how good or 
> beneficial, will be perceived as detrimental to a surprisingly large number of 
> people.

It's also a fact of life that not all change is beneficial. (And those 
who originated the change have a vested interest in seeing the change as 
beneficial, whether or not it is.) Look at how beneficial to Microsoft 
were the wonderful changes from Windows XP to Windows Vista! ;-)

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