[kde-linux] Unpopulated Control-Center window

Stan Goodman stan.goodman at hashkedim.com
Tue Dec 1 09:52:27 UTC 2009

At 11:07:03 on Tuesday Tuesday 01 December 2009, Dale 
<rdalek1967 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Stan Goodman wrote:
> > My conclusion from your detailed explanation above is that trying to
> > retain KDE3 on an OS that wants to install only KDE4 is more trouble
> > than it is worth. When I reinstall the oS v11.2, it will almost
> > surely be with GNOME; I do not like KDE4, which is anyway unusable
> > for me because the "new and better" text module has a serious flaw
> > with right-to-left languages (Hebrew and Arabic). No doubt KDE will
> > get around to fixing it, but meantime I wouldn't have a usable
> > system. But I confess that I didn't like KDE4 before I discovered
> > this, and I regard having been pushed into KDE4 as a diktat of a kind
> > which I would have attributed only to Microsoft.
> You are not alone.  I'm not ready for KDE 4 either, or it is not ready
> for me yet.  Anyway, finding a distro that still has KDE 3.5 will be
> fun.  I downloaded a Madriva DVD but have not had the chance to install
> it yet to see what is included on it.  Would you be interested in
> Mandriva at least until KDE 4 got fixed where it was usable?  I could
> install and at least see if the basics worked or not.
> Dale
> :-)  :-)

Sure. I'll also try GNOME on openSuSE. What I will avoid doing is making a  
second career out of trying to undo KDE's foolishness.

And no, I don't think it is a matter of either users or KDE4 being ready. 
It's more a reflection of losing sight of convenience and usability, and 
concentrating on bells-and-whistles -- ala Redmond (what a good name for 
a desktop theme).

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on

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