[kde-linux] Fwd: Noatun and Kaboodle don't work

Thorsten Pferdekämper thorsten.pferdekaemper at t-online.de
Sun Apr 19 14:04:32 UTC 2009


since the upgrade to Debian Lenny, Noatun and Kaboodle stopped working. There 
are different symptoms and I am not sure how to recreate which of them. The 
only thing I can recreate is that they never play my videos. It does not 
matter which codecs and file format (AVI, MPG,...) I try. Both programs...

 - either not start at all (the program's icon is jumping around for a while 
and then it stops without starting the program itself. 
 - or they start, but then freeze immediately, 
 - or they start and the slider chops forward in steps of about 3 seconds 
without actually showing any part of the video or playing any part of the 

I have already tested the KDE sound system which works and I'm also able to 
play my videos with other players like mplayer.

Here is a bit technical information:

KDE release: 3.5.10

noatun -v shows:
	Qt: 3.3.8b
	KDE: 3.5.10
	Noatun: 2.10.0

kaboodle -v shows:
	Qt: 3.3.8b
	KDE: 3.5.10
	Kaboodle: 1.7

uname -a
	Linux zeus 2.6.26-2-686 #1 SMP

I must confess that I am not sure if this is really a KDE issue, but I 
currently don't know where to ask. Maybe someone could at least give me some 
hint what I could check.



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