[kde-linux] KDE Low disk space warnings

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at decoulon.ch
Fri Sep 26 13:09:51 UTC 2008

On Friday 26 September 2008, david wrote:
> > Aren't the logs on /var?  If not, to which logs are you referring?
> >
> > (Aside: I have /var (and several other directories) on its (their) own
> > dedicated partition(s), for, among other reasons, to avoid the problem
> > you describe.

Well, perhaps "temporary files" would have been more appropriate. As an (old) 
example: if anyone remembers Applixware, the installer would not load if 
started from KDE (but it would if started from the command line). the problem 
was, it would crash, write what I call a log in .xsession-errors, reload, 
crash, write log, etc.. until .xsession.error filled the home partition. On 
the next start, KDE would not start, because it was unable to create some 
temporary files (which I called logs) in the user's home.
A separate /var does not help in that case - but it does in many others!


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