[kde-linux] KDE Low disk space warnings

Murray Trainer mtrainer at central-data.net
Fri Sep 26 02:38:56 UTC 2008

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On Thursday 25 September 2008 05:49, Murray Trainer wrote:
> We are using KDE 3.5.5. When the disk space on /home is less than 4% all
> kde users get a warning. Does anyone know if that can be changed or
> disabled?
Sorry, I don't know,
but I'm afraid you are asking for trouble.

Even if you made certain (how?) that the partition would never be 100% full I 
have a feeling that there is a penalty associated with your disk usage, and a 
real danger if you cross the border.
Perhaps some more knowlegable person here can provide additional details.

I would definitively either remove stuff from this partition or enlarge it.


Thanks for your replies.  I am aware filling up /home will cause problems -
we are making it larger shortly.  We are using KDE kiosk profiles so I was
hoping if the warnings are controlled by a KDE preference, we could configure
things so admin users to see the warnings but not our users.  Surely it is a
preference somewhere or is 96% full hard-coded somewhere.  I couldn't find any
related setting in the KDE control panel but it may be there somewhere.  We
are using SuSE 10.2 so maybe it's just a SuSE thing?


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