[kde-linux] Can't read keyboard after 4.1.1 update

sc toothpik at swbell.net
Sat Sep 20 15:25:41 UTC 2008

On Saturday 20 September 2008 09:13, Anne Wilson wrote:
> I've just updated my fedora box to 4.1.1, which catastrophic results.  It will 
> not read the keyboard, so I can't login through the gui, and if I log in from 
> a console then start kde I still can't enter passwords.  Mouseclicks 
> register, but not the keyboard.
> Any ideas, anyone?

This may be silly to suggest, but the first time it bit me I was amazed.  I
don't know if it's a hardware thing, a linux thing, a KDE thing, or what
exactly, but if i hold either shift key down for about 5 seconds there's a
beep, and if I keep it down another 5 seconds there's another lower
beep and the keyboard is completely locked out.  I have to hold down
a shift key for another 10 seconds in order to get the keyboard back.

I'm sure this isn't your problem, but then, not 100% sure.


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