[kde-linux] kde default settings directory

Nathan nathan at paysonlinux.org
Wed Sep 17 10:34:55 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 17 September 2008 03:14:09 Beso wrote:
> well, then you have a strange installation. i guess you've done this
> to be able to install just the programs that you don't have on kde4.
> you shouldn't install it in /opt. the gentoo way of handling the
> normal slotted installation is very good as it is and i don't really
> understand why you've changed this.  well, in your case i'd advise you
> to remove your 3.5 installation and install just what you want in the
> usual gentoo slotted installation, then remove the .kde folders and
> links (or simply move them elsewhere) from your home folder and
> install the kde-startkde package (the 4.1.1 one); that should fix
> everything.
> --
> dott. ing. beso

Sorry for any confusion, but I'm not running Gentoo. I have built a distro for 
my own purposes and I use that. I merely mentioned that I read somewhere that 
Gentoo was doing this. I just assumed there was an option I could add to 
kdelibs-3.5.10 such as --default-home-dir="~/.kde3" or something similar.

I rebuilt all the KDE 4.1.1 packages useing .kde4 as the home.

Anyway, I have it all resolved now. Thank you.


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