[kde-linux] K3B won't burn right?

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sun Sep 14 03:08:50 UTC 2008

Gaffer. wrote:

>> Mine was the same way. But when I would push the drive tray back in
>> (as instructed) it would proceed indicating that it was verifying,
>> but there would be no drive activity, no timeout, nothing. Once (in
>> a log somewhere) I noticed that while it had *burned* track 0, it
>> was trying to *verify* track 1. I think that had or has something
>> to do with it, but cannot prove that.
> I can confirm that behaviour.

Unfortunately, the developers weren't able to duplicate the problem, so 
I guess it just languishes there as Unconfirmed, or closed as Could Not 
Duplicate, or something like that.

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