[kde-linux] Konsole session saving

AAW AAW at milwpc.com
Thu Sep 11 12:19:50 UTC 2008

On Thursday 11 September 2008 06:28:15 ANOOP wrote:
> I generally open one Konsole window with 10-15 tabs. I want to save
> that session across the reboots. So that on next reboot it opens
> automatically.  I use to do similar thing in KDE-3.5 with
> # konsole --profile <name>
> Konsole in KDE-3.5 use to have option to save the profile with <name>.
> Here in KDE-4.1, I am able to see some profile settings, but doesn't
> seems to work as it use to work in KDE-3.5.

Only part of that was konsole3. The rest was the desktop environment's session 
management, which is still pretty rudimentary in KDE4. You can try System 
Settings > Advanced > Session Manager > On Login > Restore Previous Sesssion. 
Then arrange everything the way you want it and log out. My experience has 
been that you won't get much when it comes to multiple konsole tabs.

If that's true for you, look at kstart. There's a well-written section on it 
in the KDE User Manual under Advanced Window Management. It allows you to 
start an app and specify the desktop it opens on and its window state and so 
on. I was able to recreate my preferred session using several kstart scripts 
in Autostart. A couple of tips from my experience: 
Split the starting of each window or tab into a separate script.
Stagger the execution of each scipt by adding sleep statements to the 
beginning of each one, including the first one. Two second intervals worked 
for me, but be prepared to tinker.


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