[kde-linux] kde 4.0 on second screen TV

erich.klose at networld.at erich.klose at networld.at
Wed Sep 3 13:50:47 UTC 2008

I use kde 4.0 with suse 11.0. I have a x86_64 machine with nvidia grafikcard.
Normally I'm working on a normal dvi monitor an use the S-VIDEO connector for
looking films on TV. Since I installed kde4.0 I can only see my mouse moving on
the black screen of my TV. The other monitor works fine. First I blamed it on my
xorg.conf but now I'm sure it's a problem with kde4. I also installed xfce4 now
and under this session everything works fine. So what I'm looking for is the
script where kwin4 is getting his informations for xscreens.
Thank's for all your Erich!

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