[kde-linux] URL from inside applications

Alain M. alainm at pobox.com
Mon Oct 6 21:46:21 UTC 2008

Every time that I try to open an URL from inside al application, KDE 
first makes a copy of the page before calling the program assossiated 
with it.

Example: in Skype, if I click in "Visit my account's page", KDE oppens a 
small windows copying:
From: http://ui.skype.com/ui/2/
To: file:///var/tmp/kdecache-alain/krun/1362.0.alainmouette

then it calls my script that calls firefox. But the file *is not there*

How can I make KDE stop making that copy, the first link works just fine...

Please help, this affects a lot of programs...

PS: Mandriva 2007.1, KDE 3.5.6

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