[kde-linux] knetworkmanager stopped working

Pio Martinez guacalon at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 07:43:52 UTC 2008

Hi Anton and the rest,

I run opensuse 11.0  with kde 4.1.2 and NetworkManager (without the k),
version 0.7.0.r3685-7.2-i586 in my old and only dell laptop and I have
the same problem you have, exactly as you described. I don't remember if
I have done the same you did (pressing and holding down the off bottom
10 secs), but I probably did. Maybe it is a bug. When I have a problem
with kde and opensuse I usually wait some days or weeks until someone
somewhere (those anonymous code heroes) fix a line of code which usually
happens, sooner or later. Maybe we gotta let the code fixers know that
there is this broken line down there.



Anton Moiseev wrote:
> Hello,
> I have posted this problem to opensuse mailing list, but there were no
> response,
> try to repost it here:
> I have Opensuse 11 with kde4 and knetworkmanager 0.7r826733 from opensuse repo.
> ----------
> Part1
> I had to switch off the notebook in a bad way - by holding the power
> key. After rebooting knetworkmanager
> stopped connecting to wireless networks. I can see the network list,
> but when I click on the network name
> the tray icon just stays gray and nothing happens. It even does not
> try to do anything - previously the tray icon changed to blue gear
> at least for a half of second, even if the connection could not
> be established - now it just remains gray all the time.
> I did try to remove knetworkmanager config file from ~/.kde dir, tried
> to login as another user, tried to remove
> NetworkManager-kde package and install it again - nothing helped here.
> I have installed gnome and tried its native networkmanaged applet -
> this one did work. Knetworkmanager still does not.
> ------
> Part2
> Ok, I have started kneworkmanager from console. When I select network name
> in the menu, I can see the message there:
> Activate Connection
> /org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/Connection/7 on Device
> /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/net_00_1f_3c_36_58_77
> And nothing else happens - neither in the console, no in UI. So the gui does
> react on my connection request, but somehow its HAL cooperation is broken.
> Any ideas where to go further?
> -------
> Part 3
> As soon as nobody suggested a simple solution, I have decided to go deeper
> I have compiled networkmanager from source code (I have taken the opensuse
> src.rpm as svn version did not compile). Then I have found a file with
> "Activate Connection" string - that was knetworkmanager-wireless_menuitem.cpp
> This is this part of code:
> ------------
> void WirelessNetworkItem::slotActivate()
> {
> 	NMProxy* nm = NMProxy::getInstance();
> 	int id;
> 	QDBusError err;
> 	if (_dev && nm)
> 	{
> 		if ( _conn )
> 		{
> 			printf("Activate Connection %s on Device %s\n",
> _conn->getObjectPath().data(), _dev->getObjectPath().ascii());
> 			if (!nm->ActivateConnectionAsync(id, NM_DBUS_SERVICE_USER_SETTINGS,
> _conn->getObjectPath(),
> QDBusObjectPath(QCString(_dev->getObjectPath())),
> _conn->getObjectPath(), err)) {
> 				printf("ActivateDevice failed\n");
> 			} else {
> 			  printf("Device activated!!! \n");
> 			}
> ...
> ---------------
> Here nm->ActivateConnectionAsync(..) the main call - if it returns false
> (device is not activated), the "ActivateDevice failed" message would be printed;
> if it would return true (device is activated), nothing would be
> printed by default,
> but I have added another printf("Device activated!!! \n");, and in my case
> I could see this message in the console output when tried to activate network
> with knetworkmanager menu.
> But even though it prints OK, the network is actually not activated - the
> request went somewhere inside DBUS, the response is true, but
> things still do not work.
> So, it seems that the problem lays further at least somewhere at the DBUS level.
> I have installed "kdbus" and could see
> /org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings and
> /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices
> items there, but I do not know what to do further with them.
> ------
> Please help, I just want my internet in kde4 back, I would appreciate any help,
> probably the solution is very simple and does not require exploring the source
> code and debugging with DBUS
> Thank's
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